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HR-OS1 Humanoid Endoskeleton InterbotiX HR-OS1, Robot, 21 century robot
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    Optional 3D printed Armor and add-ons not included * Pre-Orders Available: -40/50 Left! --> Interbotix Labs is proud to announce the new HR-OS1 Humanoid Endoskeleton Robot, an open source humanoid platform that you can build yourself. The HR-OS1 is powered by an onboard Linux computer giving you all the processing power you need to run your robot. This robot can be customized with 3D printed armor and components to change the form and function of the robot. The HR-OS1 is a hackable, modular, humanoid robot development platform designed from the ground up with customization and modification in mind. A node.js interface and API have been created to enable apps and other computers on the network to interface with the robot via wifi. We also...

    HR-OS5 Humanoid Research Platform HR-OS5 Humanoid Research Platform
    Price: $20,000.00
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    The HR-OS5 Robot is for researchers and educators who are looking for a solid, high-performance, open-source humanoid robot platform to develop on. Each HR-OS5 Research Humanoid is assembled and fully tested in-house by our engineers, with a pre-loaded and configured operating system so that developers can dive right in to getting their robot running. Hardware The HR-OS5 Humanoid's internal endoskeleton is manufactured from 5052 aircraft aluminum, and is completely modular and expandable. The outer shell of the robot is designed to be 3D printed, which means modifications and aesthetic tweaks are very easy and affordable. The robot features 12 MX-106T, 6 MX-64T, and 2 MX-28T DYNAMIXEL servos from ROBOTIS. The on-board CPU is comprised of...