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Dynamixel AX-18A Robot Actuator (RO-902-0005-001)

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Dynamixel Comparison Guide The AX-18A servo actuator from Robotis is the next step up from the hugly popular AX-12A Servo, offering nearly twice the speed and 15% more torque! The AX-18A robot servo retains the formfactor and all of the same...


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San Antonio, TX

Great entry-level motor

<p>These motors are by far, the best entry-level motors that can do everything. There is nothing else that can compare, for the price. Trossen is less like a business, and more like a family. I would never go to anyone else when ordering these motors. They really take the time to make sure you are not having any troubles, and that you received everything quickly. Ever since I went with Trossen, I have not been able to go to anyone else. They, hands down, are the ones to buy from</p>

Reviews 1-1 of 1